The Importance of Blocking - In to Your Drawing

Published: 25th March 2010
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If you know about picture, you will understand how blocking-in influences the picture so it looks good. As your knowledge, the blocking-in method is used to get shape and relative proportion of the component parts of the picture. It is very important to form your drawing before in line or tint, any of the minor details or even main characteristic.

Blocking-in has more than an immediate value to pupil for its use as a technique of early procedure induces a correct habit. This method also needed to maintain and increase the tendency to look at the whole before the parts. Otherwise, it is used to seek mass rather than detail and become the marks of artist's style.

The group or figure as a whole is the point to be fixed at the outset. With guide lines, you can catch it better than the objects in a group or minor details in a group. Then you will be suggested to get general shape of a tree before making the individual leaves thereof.

For the example, you can start method of blocking-in by making transparent line before making the right one. That is the manner of the method that the function is to get easy when it must be erased. After the transparent line you will pick out the general direction of the lines in the original where simple geometrical image may be formed.

After the exercise, you can continue your drawing with a little imagination. The eye can form lines that are connecting with similar forms. Use the square, triangle, trapezoid, and other form. This method is also very important to be used as part of how to draw cartoon.

You may need to reiterate that the method should be presented in a drawing by pencil marks. This step is done in order to keep clean because they can be erased as soon as it is not necessary anymore. You also need to use straight line to help you get the suitable direction in order to form the perfect shape.

Learn more about blocking-in technique to your drawing, you can get in how to draw cartoon.

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